I spent a couple of warm months this summer working on various woodworking projects.  The CNC router I bought recently was from a retiring specialty box maker.  In addition to the router, he was selling many other tools, lots of wood stock and many of his finished products.  The router came with a number of jigs and fixtures specially designed for his production.  In the end, I didn’t use CNC for this build, and my results were mixed as I changed directions several times through the build.


A ran across an interesting entry table while searching for ideas. It was somewhat simple in its design, but kind of difficult to build. There are four legs each with compound angles.


The example I found was for a large entry table, however I was in need of a small side table for our family room. The result turned out pretty well.

It’s hard to appreciate from a picture, as the multitude of angles makes the table look different from various viewpoints. The hardest part of the project, other than modeling the design, was figuring out how to glue it up. In the end, I went with loose tenons and creative clampling.

An experiment in “creative” clamping