South Bend 16/24

I bought a very old South Bend 16/24 lathe about a year ago.  It’s a circa 1945,  two (now three) owner machine.  It weighs in at just over a ton, so moving it wasn’t too difficult.  In fact my wife and I managed to move it into place in the shop.

The trailer shown below helped significantly as the deck is hydraulic and lowers all the way to the ground.  It was just a matter of getting rollers underneath it after that, and slowly moving it around.



Here is where it landed.  It was completely filthy with layers of grease and oil baked on.  It also came with the original (I’m assuming) three phase 2hp motor and electronics.  You can see the Allen Bradley boxes on the back of the picture.


This is a South Bend tool-room lathe, and the wiring was interesting.  The motor has two sets of winding’s which combined with the belt system provided 8 different speeds.  However, not having three phase at the house, most of those electronics are now gone and have been replaced by a variable frequency drive.